What’s Your Focus? – A Review on Seez’s focus, EP.

“After a sensational debut on Born Freeish with Thomas Hazey, Seez releases his first solo project titled focus, EP”

Before focus, EP the only music we had from Seez was from a duo project with Thomas Hazey which was released on Freedom Day last year. A year later he gives us his first solo offering titled “focus.” stemming from a lack of direction in his life.

Focus, EP is a lot, from great production to lyricism and content it truly is a treat. The first half of the EP is set on Seez seeking to find his focal point and him battling with his inner thoughts. From “ILOSTMYFOCUS” the intro, Seez is showing us the beginning of his troubles, not knowing what to do and feeling as if he is out of his way. We see him trying to motivate himself to get back on track – the beginning of this 6 track rollercoaster. It is always frightening at the first glance of such (losing your focus which leads to you questioning yourself) but as we listen on, it’s the story of a man regaining all control of himself. Then follows “Control” featuring Surprise (intended to be a surprise feature, no pun intended), the start to self-healing, attempting to be in control of his feelings and emotions.

In football the second half represents a much energetic and positive team just like the second half of the year, which represents blossoms and fertility. Seez is joyful and seems to be reminiscing on his goals and his image in the future, a sign of being in the right state of mind. A change of sounds and content from sombre visuals of somebody in ‘mind-agony’ to “trap feel-good” sounds of somebody who is having the time of their lives. Two personal favourites of mine, “Drip Too Cold” and “Wrist” (which I’ve added to my daily playlist), possibly the standouts to the masses as they synergize with the current mainstream sound and prove Seez’s diversity. Still maximising his talents, he kills these tracks with his feisty flow, interesting word play and of course the melodic singing. “Conversations” is a much thankful song and concludes the story on a chorale-gospel type note. He acknowledges his journey and his tranquility proves that he is in a much better space-sighs and thank you God!

Focus, EP is a “Get Out”, had little to work with but well damn good. What I admire about the dude is his willingness to get his message across even if it means doing so in a much lighter earphone ring. But does it matter though; I mean you hear what the guy is saying over a great choice of production, storytelling and discoursing because whether you like it or not, once or twice in your life you will experience the pain of losing and regaining your focus.

Listen to focus, EP. here

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