What’s an Album Without an Introduction?

  • Inspired by Tyler, the Creator’s “IGOR’S THEME” on the album IGOR.

Every great album begins with a mean introduction, from Migos’ DJ Khaled infused Culture intro to Pusha T’s “If You Know You Know”, an intriguing start to a project is the first step to a great project (especially for us listeners). Although Tyler personally asked us not to consider Igor as a rap album he did state that we are to derive our own feelings from it, and Tyler’s first impression to me was rapping.

“IGOR’S THEME” tastes like the sweet revenge moment to an action movie. Immediately after hearing the song, I knew Tyler, The Creator was about to blow my mind. While listening to it you bound to picture yourself about to kick ass. Kali Uchis’ melodic singing is buried by the (songs) elements in the production, which is in beautiful sync. Lil Uzi Vert is also credited on the song with his writing contribution.

It’s confusing, and by that I mean when the track goes off, it seems like he’s about to drop some hard blasphemous bars. Instead he sings his way through it – with some emotion and a dab of sentimental sounds. That piano and distort synthesized create a climax before you have even heard the amazing chords on the album. There’s so much to process from it, from the feeling of facing his insecurities head on to acknowledging the weakness for this girl in the same song. All these sounds speak some form of sensation, towards the end of the song it seems like he is hyping himself up to be ready to get through this, with the dying symphonies of someone at peace.

The beginning, middle and the end can all be drawn or related to every other song in the album. The happiness and jive in “I KNOW” to the sad “A BOY IS A GUN” to the eccentric “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS”. On Flower Boy, Tyler experiences loneliness but on Igor that seems to be something of the past as his friends and idols join him to deliver such a warming project. With the influences of Pharrell, Frank Ocean and ASAP Rocky, Tyler is able to get his art throughout the width.

This is a personal take on a single song with its eye open to the whole album. So, personally this has to be the best album from Tyler as it upholds everything he has been to what he has been incorporating in Flower Boy, so if you don’t like singing Tyler you probably not going to like this, although we will judge you!

Listen to IGOR”S THEME on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S20mJvr4vs

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